5 tips on preparations for the event day

Is your event nearing and you are thinking of the logistics required for for a smooth registration process? Fret no more! Here are some tips on what you need to set up.

1. Format of registration booth

With beourguest.co, you are able to be flexible with the way you want to register your guests. You do not need to stick with a static table at the corner of the room. You can get your ushers to stand up and interact with the guests and register them at the same time. We have made it such that anyone can access the application on their mobile phones and tablets.

However, if a static format is more suitable, beourguest.co can handle it without any problems. If you expect a high volume of guests at the same time, we recommend that you use a laptop as the main terminal to manage the event. It is a lot faster to type on a keyboard and it will clear the crowds quickly for them enjoy the event.

2. Number of ushers

The rule of thumb is to have one person every hundred-fifty guests. (2 separate lines for a 300 guest event) Of course, this depends on the type of occasion you are having. If you know that the guests will come in large batches (e.g. a coach or a bus), then you might want to allocate more manpower to mend the registration booths.

With beourguest.co, you will be able to quickly allocate more people to handle registrations. Just get then to use their smartphones, point them to your event page and they will be able to double up as a mobile registration booth. Neat huh! It will look something like the following.mobile-view

We have handled events ranging from small parties of 50 people to large weddings of 1000 people. No problems at all.

3. Number of connected devices

Each usher should have a tablet to easily relay information to the guests. If the number of tablets are limited, you can replace them with smart phones. Our system will be flexible to handle all types of devices as long as it has a web browser. The important event management staff can also be given the access to the dashboard to know when to start the event. You can also check if a particular guest has checked in so you don’t need to make second guesses.

4. Internet connectivity

In order for beourguest.co to work, you will need to make sure that the devices are connected to the internet. Depending on the plan you are on, there is potentially no limit to the number of devices that concurrently connect to the system. Make sure that your event venue has given WIFI access to your ushers. Since our system uses a small amount of data, you can also consider using a mobile hotspot if the WIFI is unstable or inaccessible. We understand the importance of getting the registration data right. Although we have made the system more robust in the situation when the internet connection is weak, it is best to test it out a few hours before the event. We will provide you with a contact during your event in case you need troubleshooting.

5. Just enjoy the event!

We will make the event registration process over in a nifty so you can enjoy the rest of the day with your colleagues, friends and family. Don’t worry and be happy! Click here to sign up for a free trial!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Also, check out other guides about getting prepared on the day of the event.

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